August 6, 2021

UPC Staffing Update

Dear UPC Family,

UPC is experiencing a season of uncertainty. We have positions for a Senior Pastor and Youth Director that need to be filled and it is difficult to wait. But while we wait, UPC is not in a holding pattern. Each of us makes up the body of our church. All of us have important roles to play. We can all continue to serve Christ, each other and our neighbors.

Christ is the head the church. As the great shepherd of the sheep, Jesus is our ultimate pastor. We know He loves UPC. We know He loves us, and we know He will take care of us. When Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), He promised to always be with us. He is with us now. During this time especially, we need to trust Him and place our faith in Him.

UPC continues to serve Christ and is conducting ministry even though we don’t currently have a Senior Pastor. Our church still has effective leadership. Pastor Steve and the rest of our staff, supported by our many volunteers, are laboring daily to continue the ministry of UPC. We are so very thankful for our faithful staff and volunteers.

Interim Pastor Update

Given UPC’s circumstances, the Session concluded that an Interim Pastor was needed to help guide us through this transitional period. The Session desired an Interim Pastor who would not only preach and shepherd the flock but would help us identify areas of focus to help improve our ministry.

We will soon be announcing the appointment of an Interim Pastor. Our candidate is very experienced both as a Senior Pastor and as an Interim. Once Presbytery has approved his appointment, we will be able to formally introduce him to the church. The Session is very pleased that God has brought this man to us. We believe that, with God’s grace, our Interim Pastor can help strengthen UPC and prepare us for our next Senior Pastor.

Senior Pastor Search Update

With the upcoming appointment of an Interim Pastor, we have been counseled to delay the formation of the Senior Pastor Search Committee. Since the Interim Pastor will be working with the Search Committee as an advisor, time is needed for him to get acclimated and to gain more knowledge about UPC. The Search Committee formation is scheduled for later in the fall. More details regarding the search committee will be provided in the coming weeks.

Youth Director Update

We are continuing the search process with our consultant. The consultant has not provided candidates for our consideration yet, but they are working with several leads. Each candidate will be screened by the consultant to assure that there is a reasonable match with our needs and the candidate’s qualifications and career goals.

The key is to get the right fit as fast as we can. When candidates are provided by the search firm, Pastor Steve will evaluate each candidate. When a couple of candidates pass these reviews, a parent committee will be gathered for review and input.

We appreciate each of you as you support and pray for UPC. It is a privilege for each of us on Session to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the elders listed below. We would be happy to speak with you.

Grace and Peace to you,

Your UPC Session

  Chris Akers       

  Vic Godlewski

  Brent Larson

  Tim Maguire

  Harvey Spears

  John Webb