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Covid-19 Updates


Virtual Worship Service 3/29/20

As many of you are aware, the mayor of Orange County enacted a "Stay At Home" executive order effective March 26. However, the order does not preclude church employees from doing their jobs (Section 2.35(e)). Therefore, we will be live-streaming a service this Sunday, March 29, at 10:00 a.m. via Facebook and YouTube (assuming we get it to work) by utilizing a skeleton crew, so that few staff members as possible need to leave their homes that day. We look forward to being with you virtually this Sunday.

You can access the worship guide (includes song lyrics) and kids' sermon notes for this weekend by clicking on the highlighted links here.


Our Covid-19 Response Plan 

As churches across the country are empty because of the Coronavirus pandemic, may we not only continue to trust God but also love and care for one another.

We have created registration groups for volunteers willing to help those affected by the virus (ex. running errands, picking up medications, making a financial donation), for those affected by the virus or feeling vulnerable and need various forms of assistance, and also for those who are caring for someone sick or elderly and is in need of prayer and/or encouragement.

If you would like to join our COVID-19 Response volunteer team, or if you are someone who has a need, now is the time to reach out and let us know!
REGISTER HERE or text COVID19 to 407-984-4880.


Online Prayer Gathering 

Hey Church family,
Hana and I would like to host an online prayer gathering tonight at 7pm. With all that's going on, it's very important for God's people to be praying. Let's do it!
We'll be using

Here's what to do to join in.

  1. Download the Zoom app to your device, or visit and set up an account (it's free).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the app/site so you get the gist of how things work.
  3. Shortly before 7pm, make sure you're in a quiet, well-lit room (with the light in front, NOT behind, you). If you can't find quiet, still join, just plan to keep yourself muted most of the time.
  4. At 7pm, click this link: Meeting ID: 512 665 716 You'll be able to see people the best if you're on a computer (as opposed to a phone or iPad).
  5. Wait patiently as more and more people join. You'll be muted at first, keep it that way to start
  6. Hana and I will give some basic instructions, and then we'll pray. If you'd like to pray, raise your hand (physically, or use the "raise hand" function in the app), and we'll call on you
  7. We'll pray for about 30-45 min.
  8. If I need to, I may mute everyone from time to time. Don't take it personally; it simply may help me keep things going.
  9. Let's try to keep this to UPC people only, if we can. We need some church family time! And, there is a limited number of spots for the meeting.

See you @ 7:00 p.m.! - Pastor Matt