Freedom Collective is a ministry led by women survivors of sexual abuse to support other women who’ve been wounded in this way and are seeking healing from their trauma. Through prayer, weekly support groups, and guided studies, Freedom Collective provides a place of hope, healing, and redemption of our stories in Christ.

Who we care for:

Freedom Collective Ministry Partners connect with women who desire to find healing from the effects of sexual abuse. By meeting in a small group, we seek to grow as disciples and become more aware of how we can surrender to God while growing to know and trust Him more.

How we care:

Resources: Caring women who have travelled the road of healing in Christ are there to pray for needs, offer encouragement, and give direction for affordable counselling and services.

Support Group: Sharing our stories in a group is one way of receiving input and uncovering the power of shame—along with one-on-one counseling, journaling and/or processing with a trusted friend. It's a chance to discover some of the ways we've been shaped and to normalize what we've felt or experienced.

Our 11-week guided study and support group is open to 8 participants per session.
Cost is $25 for the workbook. Scholarships are available for those in need.

Click here or email Chanda Griese or Jodi Sonne