How Can We Serve?

As churches across the country are empty because of the Coronavirus pandemic, may we not only continue to trust God but also love and care for one another.

We have created registration groups for volunteers willing to help those in the local area who are affected by the virus (ex. running errands, picking up medications, making a financial donation), for those affected by the virus or feeling vulnerable and need various forms of assistance, and also for those who are caring for someone sick or elderly and is in need of prayer and/or encouragement.

If you would like to join our COVID-19 Response volunteer team, or if you are someone who has a need (and you live within 3-5 miles of UPC), now is the time to reach out and let us know! Click here.

COVID-19 Printable Postcard

Looking for a way to help someone on your street? These print-at-home cards offer everyone the chance to spread kindness during these times of uncertainty. Simply print it out, fill out your personal details and tick what you're able to offer someone in need. Whether it's collecting bread from the supermarket or calling for a chat, you never know the difference you're making to someone in self-isolation. You are encouraged to leave the items on their doorsteps to avoid direct contact with those in self-isolation.

Take a Prayer Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Walk the neighborhood and greet from afar anyone you see. Ask them how they are doing. If the opportunity arises, ask them if there is any specific way you can pray for them.

Driveway Chat

Invite your neighbors to a driveway/yard chat, where you each sit in lawn chairs in your own driveway or yard with plenty of distance to be safe but close enough to talk

Write Letters

Write letters to shut-ins and widows. Let us know if you would like a list of addresses of our seniors. 

Jobs Partnership

As unemployment rises, Jobs Partnership is a trusted ministry partner that is working to provided mentorship and training to help people find long-term stable employment. Find out ways you can get involved here.