Interested in UPC membership?

Whether you have been attending a few weeks, a few months, or longer, we hope that you are finding the worship inspiring, the messages relevant, and the people of UPC friendly.

We'd like you to consider taking the next step. That next step is Discover UPC.

Discover UPC gives you an opportunity to learn even more about UPC. Matt Ryman, one of our pastors, will be teaching the sessions. We will discuss UPC's vision for the future, our mission as a church, and our goals and commitments. We will also cover such things as:

• The gospel
• Experiencing community at UPC
• Our beliefs about the Bible, worship, baptism, and other topics
• What it means to be Presbyterian
• Your spiritual gifts
• Finances and resources of the church
• Finding your fit at UPC

Discover UPC is required for those who plan to join the church, but attending in no way obligates you to join.