During this time, we aim to do our best to provide you with all the latest information concering worship and church activities. We also want to provide more ways for you to engage in virtual worship, community and mission. We invite you to browse these pages to find relevant, up-to-date information, devotionals, prayer videos, ways to help and love our neighbors, and more. We've also developed a Community Resources page that we hope you will find helpful. We are making periodic updates this page as well. 

 Aside from the most senior among us who remember WW2 and its impact on the home front, these days are unprecedented. These times will stretch us and present difficulties. For some these times feel very threatening. They will also make us more creative, more compassionate, kinder, and more appreciative of many things – perhaps mostly the gift of being in community we were created for.

The church is made up of people with a remarkable track record of helping one another and helping the stranger. Likely, the church’s impact will be less through official programs and more through Christians who are expressing the heart of Jesus to others in their circles of relationship. This may be via sharing something with a neighbor, caring for an elderly friend, providing a bit of financial help – and countless other ways to spread God’s love.

Pastor Steve