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Archives for October 2009

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What Is a Gospel-Centered Church?

UPC is a church that believes and preaches the gospel. The gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ) is the dynamic for life change - not only for the non-Christian, but for the Christian. So if we believe that, what should our church look like?...

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Why Am I Going to Japan?

I've never been to an Asian country. I don't know any Japanese. I don't even know how to use chopsticks. So why am I going to Japan?...

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What Do the Saints in Heaven See?

Someone recently asked me, "Do my loved ones in heaven see me here on earth?" I had to think a while to answer that one....

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What Are You Waiting For?

"Patience," said Chrysostom, "is the queen of virtues." If that's true, my son David and his wife Lindsay ought to be wearing several crowns by now....

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Bystander Syndrome

Good Samaritans are needed right here in Orlando every day....

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Social or Anti-Social Networking?

Does Facebook lead to impersonal relationships? Neurosis? Bad grades?...

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