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Archives for March 2010

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Loneliness and Life Groups

Apparently there are a lot of lonely people in America....

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“Inside the Church” Idols

Tullian Tchividjian writes about seven idols that look respectable and spiritual. Take a look at the list and ask yourself a hard question....

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Reasons for Hope

In my Easter sermon series, we're going to take a close look at the last weekend of Jesus' life on earth and see what it says about living with hope....

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The Oscars and Matt's Ordination

While the Oscars were being given out to Hollywood stars and starlets, we were celebrating the ordination of Matt Ryman as UPC's newest Assistant Pastor. Which event was the more important?...

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Toward a Theology of Suffering

Tim Keller says we need a better theology of suffering. I agree....

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The Gift of Suffering

A number of people asked for the poem that I read in my sermon on February 28. Here it is....

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