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Archives for April 2010

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Why Church Membership?

Many churches have no formal membership process. Many Christians do not join a church or see any reason for doing so. So why do we at UPC encourage followers of Jesus to join a church?...

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A Prayer for Your Sexuality

Last Sunday I preached on sex. Here's a prayer written by Scotty Smith that I hope you will pray along with me for our sexuality....

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How People Change

During the last presidential campaign, people learned a new phrase: "Change you can believe in." Is it possible for you to experience a "change you can believe in" in the nitty-gritty areas of life that keep tripping you up?...

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A Harmony of the Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection

At first glance, the four gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) appear to offer divergent accounts of the resurrection of Jesus. Here's my attempt to put them all together. It's not that hard....

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