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A House Divided Over Taking A Knee

In a church with people who hold differing perspectives on many things, including the #TakeAKnee situation, how can we promote unity in the body? ...

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The Shack

Some thoughts and resources regarding The Shack. ...

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A Beautiful Story

A short story designed to help you understand and get excited about personal disciple-making. ...

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2020 Vision - Phase II

Having heard the direction UPC is headed on Vision Sunday (2016), some will have questions. Here are some answers. At least for now. ...

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A Little Help Praying

Prayer is one of the most important and most neglected disciplines of the Christian life. We all need to help one another pray regularly. ...

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Snakes? Poison?

There's debate over whether or not the last 12 verses of Mark are actually Scripture. What do we do about that?...

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