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What We Believe about the Deity of Christ

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is God. In the incarnation, God became man. Only God could pay the debt of sin we owed. Only God could endure the wrath of God on the cross. The deity of Christ is an essential element of the gospel....

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Snakes? Poison?

There's debate over whether or not the last 12 verses of Mark are actually Scripture. What do we do about that?...

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On Reading the Bible Well

One of the things that ought to bother us is the widespread ignorance of the Bible in the church today. But I'm just as concerned about those who "know" their Bibles inside and out but fail to read it correctly....

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My Favorite Word in the Bible

It's just a little three-letter word, but it's the key to gospel hope. ...

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The Rewards of Regular Bible Reading

Why is it important for Christians to read the Bible, if God loves you anyway?...

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The Most Oft-Repeated Command in the Bible

Jesus is proof that God is with us. Don't be afraid....

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Five Steps for Studying the Bible

Several people have asked for a review of the five steps of Bible study that I talked about in my sermon last Sunday....

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