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How Should We Then Live after November 9 (and Now Too)?

The church's goal is to advance the gospel, but not through demanding rights or seizing political power. There are two kingdoms; we are citizens of the kingdom of God. We can expect suffering in the kingdom of man....

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Predestination and the Unforgivable Sin

In Mark 3:29, Jesus says there is a sin that God will not forgive. What is that sin, and who is to blame for it?...

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The One-Legged Duck

The world in which we live is broken. Furthermore, in each of us there are missing parts. Through Jesus Christ, all things will be made new. Having a relationship with him means living with hope and sharing God's love with others....

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The Way to God

Not only at the beginning of the Christian life but throughout it, Jesus is the Way to acceptance with God....

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Our Identity in Christ

Christians are the beloved children of God. We need look no further for our identity....

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The Gift of Repentance

Many Christians think repentance is trying harder to be good. Here is a different way to look at it. Repentance is abandoning your effort to be good and embracing a totally different source of life....

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The Other Half of the Gospel

Is it possible that you're believing and telling others only PART of the good news?...

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What Is a Gospel-Centered Church?

UPC is a church that believes and preaches the gospel. The gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ) is the dynamic for life change - not only for the non-Christian, but for the Christian. So if we believe that, what should our church look like?...

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