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Our Identity in Christ

Christians are the beloved children of God. We need look no further for our identity....

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The Gift of Repentance

Many Christians think repentance is trying harder to be good. Here is a different way to look at it. Repentance is abandoning your effort to be good and embracing a totally different source of life....

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What's the simplest thing that could work?

I ran across a profound statement (actually, it's a question) in my reading this summer that I've been trying to apply both at church and at home. Here it is: "What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?"...

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Becoming a Welcoming Church

It's hard to be new at a church. Church members should put themselves in visitors' shoes and lower the barriers for getting involved in a new church....

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Dying for Community

Disciples are people who have found they cannot be or make disciples in isolation. And often, the friendship of a Christian is the open door people are waiting for in order to enter the family of God....

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Happy Birthday, UPC!

UPC was planted in 1991 and held its first worship service on September 15 of that year. The future of UPC looks bright. We have a clearly cast vision and a mission of making disciples. God has helped us thus far, and will surely guide us in the future....

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What Did the Spiritual Life Survey Reveal?

In May of this year, 144 people at UPC filled out the Reveal Spiritual Life Survey. Here is a brief summary of the results, with a link to the full report....

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What Is Disciple-Making Community?

Where can transformational community be experienced in a big church like UPC? In small groups. But not just any small group will succeed in making disciples. What are the key ingredients of small groups that birth disciples?...

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Adoption: The Apex of God's Grace to Us

One of the fruits of the gospel besides justification and sanctification is adoption. In fact, it can truly be said that adoption is a higher blessing than even those two gifts of God's amazing grace....

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Why Have an Estate Plan?

It's important to plan for an uncertain future. UPC is hosting a free Estate Planning Seminar on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Be wise. Attend....

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