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Vision Sunday: Looking Backward and Forward

This past Sunday (September 16) we celebrated 21 years as a church. In my message from 1 Peter 2, I shared the "UPC Dream." It has always been our dream to be a gospel-centered, grace-motivated, God-astonished church. These are the ideas that birthed UPC in 1991 and have kept us on the right track ever since....

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UPC: A Missional Church

Over the past several years, God has been leading UPC, step by step, into a new chapter of its existence. I say "new" not in the sense that it's a radically different approach to ministry, but "new" in the sense that we have before us a fork in the road....

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Three Questions about the Ten Commandments

We began a new sermon series on the Ten Commandments a few weeks ago. Several of you have asked me questions that I haven't fully answered in my sermons. So I'll do it here....

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Come and Go

We have to resist the constant pull to define church as a place, an event, a show, or a service. It's not. It's a people....

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Great Is Your Reward?

What is a Biblical, grace-centered view of heavenly reward? What did Jesus mean when he said, "Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven"? Here are some of my thoughts on the thorny subject of rewards in heaven....

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A Different Kind of Scorecard

How can you tell you're growing as a Christian? What should you look at to measure your sanctification?...

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The Christian in a Political World

In the midst of a divisive presidential campaign, it's important to ask: What's a Christian's role in the political process? What guidance does the Bible give on our responsibilities as US citizens?...

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What Do We Value at UPC?

The winds and whims of the moment will blow you off course unless you have an anchor....

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Yes, It Matters

Do you ever get discouraged because it seems your efforts to serve Christ are small and unimportant? ...

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What Is the Gospel?

Is it possible to be a Christian and not really "get" the gospel? Read my story to find out....

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