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Prayer for the New Year

Here is a hymn by Nicolaus von Zinzendorf that I've made my prayer for the new year....

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The UPC Vision

UPC has a new vision statement. I hope you'll memorize it, share it, and order your life around it....

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Imitating the Incarnation as a Church

UPC, and every other Christian church, is called to incarnational ministry. What does that mean exactly?...

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On Reading the Bible Well

One of the things that ought to bother us is the widespread ignorance of the Bible in the church today. But I'm just as concerned about those who "know" their Bibles inside and out but fail to read it correctly....

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A Plea for Plain Speaking

We Christians (including me!) are some of the worst offenders when it comes to using worn-out cliches and expressions the average person doesn't understand....

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What Hebrews Tells Us about Jesus

We're about to complete our six-month-long study of the letter of Hebrews. What have we learned about Jesus?...

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Strengthened by Grace

What is it that strengthens your heart? What do you turn to for a "pick-me-up," a sign that you're OK, a confirmation that your life matters? Is it God's grace...or something else?...

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Which Thief are You?

It was a Good Friday for one of the two criminals who were crucified next to Jesus....

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US vs. Me

If you're a member of UPC or some other church, you've entered into a new state of existence analogous to marriage....

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"Thanks Be to God!"

In recent years, evangelical Christians have found refreshment from practicing some of the ancient worship traditions. Here's one I'd like us to start using....

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