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The Shack

From time to time something comes along that has the potential to do more harm than good. This is one of those times. Next month (March 2017), a movie called The Shack will begin playing in theaters nationwide. It is a movie based on a 2007 novel written by William P. Young. I'm sure many of you read the book; I believe it was something of a best seller. Many Christians praised the book, recommended it highly, and suggested it had a very positive impact on their relationship with God.

Meanwhile, other Christians found the book very concerning. Noteworthy Christian leaders expressed deep concerns and some urged Christians not to read it (except for the sake of understanding why it was such a problematic book). The chatter about The Shack eventually died down. But, with the imminent arrival of the movie version, The Shack is back in the spotlight.

All four of UPC's pastors have deep concerns about the book and, by extension, the movie. Therefore, I felt it might be helpful to provide resources that explain the concerns we, and many conservative Evangelical Christian leaders, have regarding The Shack. Our prayer is that these resources will help you arrive at a Biblically informed, God-honoring, spiritually healthy approach to The Shack.

For a sound review of the book I recommend Tim Challies.

If you'd prefer to listen to a podcast about the book, I recommend Al Mohler.

If you'd like to watch a video of a (40 min) sermon about the book, I recommend Dr. Michael Youssef.

Tim Challies on why The Shack is different than The Chronicles of Narnia.

Randy Alcorn has some helpful thoughts.

Here are Tim Keller's concerns.

Here is the reason Tim Challies will not watch the movie (even to review it).

Thank you for considering this issue carefully and prayerfully. May God be glorified by the way we trust in the sufficiency of His word, the truth of the gospel, and the leading of the Holy Spirit on this matter.

For God's glory and our joy,
Pastor Matt