The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) is a group of UPC members who have been elected by the congregation to seek and find our next Senior Pastor.

What we’ve accomplished:

  • Continued meeting on a weekly basis, collaborating well with one another
  • Sought and received input from the congregation, leadership, and staff
  • Completed a UPC Church Profile and a Pastor Profile for our next senior pastor
  • Officially published the job opening online
  • Recieved applications from 23 candidates through MGI
  • Established “deep dive teams” and collected/organized candidate data
  • Evaluated candidates' provided documentation, sermons, and written works
  • Conducted and evaluated several candidate interviews

 What we’re working on:

  • Continuing to evaluate and interview candidates as they move through our process
  • Evaluating candidates’ written responses to our Questionnaire
  • Contacting candidates’ references and collecting Reference Reports

What’s next:

  • Narrow down the remaining candidates to a final 1 or 2
  • Conduct our Final Evaluations
  • Initiate a Season of Prayer and Fasting

UPC’s Pastor Search Committee:

  • Lisel Allbee (Communications Co-Director)
  • Eglin Ayson (Committee Member At-Large)
  • Justin Besteman (IT Clerk)
  • Jack Bourret (Communications Co-Director)
  • Vic Godlewski (Recorder)
  • Brad Jankowski (Committee Member At-Large)
  • Gigi Metzger (Prayer Coordinator)
  • Tom Miller (Chairperson)
  • Wendy Moore (Vice Chairperson)

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 Additional Information:

  • UPC’s Elders have engaged McGowan Global Institute (MGI) as a resource for the Pastor Search Committee (PSC) in the search for a new Senior Pastor for UPC. MGI has a proven method developed over 50 years of experience in pastor searches and has worked with over 100 churches in the PCA.
  • Interim Pastor David O’Dowd is also assisting as a non-voting advisor to the PSC.
  • If you would like to communicate information to the PSC, please email the team at