ThriVe Orlando® is a Christ-centered medical clinic that equips people to make healthy life-affirming decisions regarding pregnancy, sexual health and relationships.

Who we care for:

ThriVe Orlando® envisions a community in which Christ is honored and every person, born and unborn, is given the chance to thrive.

How we care:

It is our hope to erase abortion in our community by educating women about all of their options when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Through our process, we will turn her fear into confidence and restore hope for families in our area.

ThriVe Orlando® exists because of the generosity of God’s people. Our services are made possible thanks to individuals, churches, and businesses who value life at every stage.

How can I get more information about serving with ThriVe Orlando®?

How can I connect with ThriVe Orlando® in order to receive care?