If you have a specific question and need to know who to ask, this staff listing should be helpful.

Pastor Matt Ryman - New Membership, Officer Training, Session

Pastor Michael Hart - Community Outreach, Community Groups, Discipleship, Mercy Ministry, Missions

Pastor Steve Weidenmuller - Executive Pastor, Operations

Jean Carland - Children's Ministry, Communicants Class, Ministry to Women

Stephen Trafton - Director of Worship and Arts

John Downs - Youth Ministry and College Ministry

Tanya Turner - Accounting, Building Access, Vendors/Contracts

Lisa Stephens - Church Calendar, Events, Facility Maintenance

June Bowie - Baptisms, Database, Giving, Membership, Sunday Preparation, Website & Social Media

Megan Brown - Church Graphics, Website & Social Media

Listed below are some useful forms if you are a volunteer at UPC.