Your Pastoral Search Committee:

Elder: Vic Godlewski
Deacon: Justin Besteman
At-Large: Lisel Allbee, Eglin Ayson, Jack Bourret, Brad Jankowski, Gigi Metzger, Tom Miller, Wendy Moore


Other Updates...

Q. Senior Pastor Search Firm
A. The elders have engaged McGowan Global Institute (MGI) as a partner in our search for a senior pastor. MGI has been involved in over 150 successful pastor searches and has worked with over 100 churches in our denomination. They will assist us through the entire process.

     MGI counseled us to delay the formation of the Senior Pastor Search Committee (PSC) until Pastor David had some time to get acclimated and to gain more knowledge about UPC. David will work with the Search Committee as an advisor.

Q. Youth Director Update
A. We are following up with a couple of leads provided to us by our search firm, Christian Teams (CT). Steve Weidenmuller and Harvey Spears have been following up each lead.

     CT screens each candidate to ensure that there is a reasonable match with our needs and the candidate’s qualifications and career goals.

     We are committed to hiring a Youth Ministries director now, i.e., not waiting for the new senior pastor to arrive. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!

     The three remaining positions — Connect Ministries, Grow Ministries and Serve Ministries — will not be filled until we get a senior pastor.

Q. Who are the elders?
A. There are seven elders right now: Tim Maguire, John Webb, Harvey Spears, Vic Godlewski, Brent Larson, Brian Moore and Chris Akers.

     The Elders are proceeding with the shepherding plan as it was laid out in May. The shepherding plan was designed to provide for knowing, feeding, leading and protecting the members of UPC, and that hasn’t changed. If you are in a Community Group, the elder assigned to you should already be in contact with your leader.

     Here are the elders’ email links. Please reach out to any or all of them with any questions, and they will get you the answers you need in a timely manner.

This is an excellent opportunity for all of us to pull together as a community of faith and to exercise our faith as we continue our ministries with the knowledge that we serve a loving God who cares deeply about UPC and her future.